Harmful Insects

Submitted by: Daryl Dela Cruz

Living in the world with other creatures may be very beneficial to us humans because some of these creatures provide us with security and protection. The majority of these creatures also serve as our daily meals, drinks, medicines and many more however, there are also other types of creatures that are very harmful.

The majority of the other creatures living with us are insects. Although we benefit from some of them, they are still one of the biggest contributors of crop destruction, sicknesses, and death. Even though there are a lot of pesticides, insect repellents, and other chemicals that were invented to get rid of insects, these things are still not enough to protect us from their harm. I have listed below some of the most common harmful insects nowadays and how they greatly affect us.

1. Cockroaches – These creepy little bugs are probably the most hated of all insects because of their disgusting appearance. There are almost 3,500 types of cockroaches around the world and most of them live indoors. Cockroaches usually feed on objects with starch such as papers, leather, bakery products, and soiled clothing. These insects are considered to be the most harmful household pests because of their gross features. They eat and contaminate food, secrete an unpleasant odour and bring different diseases such as Malaria.


2. Mosquitoes – These tiny insects are one of our biggest household problems. Mosquito bites can transmit fatal diseases such as mosquito-borne encephalitis, malaria and dengue. Also, mosquito bites are really very itchy.

3. Ants – These little insects are harmful in a way. They eat any sweet substance or seeds. These small insects move very fast and have two common kinds. The red and the black. The black ants move faster than the red ants but the red ones bite painfully.

4. Aphids – These pests are very harmful when it comes to our crops, plants and garden friends. They destroy all kinds of tender leaves and stem by piercing through them and sucking out their juices.

5. Beetles – These are the so-called “soldier insects” because of their hard body covering. Beetles bore holes through the cambium layer of a tree causing it to die.

6. Common Fly – These flying insects harm humans by spreading different diseases that can cause several types of sicknesses. Some of these are Typhoid Fever, Cholera and Food Poisoning.

Insects are one of the first creatures to live on earth. They were already here since the existence of the dinosaurs. Because of the different kinds of diseases that can be brought to us by these little creatures, we should always be prepared and aware because some of these diseases can be the cause of our death. One of the precautionary measures that we can do is to be insured. There are a lot of health insurance companies nowadays that are continuously searching for health insurance leads so that they could provide them with all the medical benefits that they would need.

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