Review Of The Trophy Ridge Meat Seeker Broadheads

By Jenn Jamie

Trophy Ridge Meat Seeker Broadheads: These Trophy Ridge Broadheads are really at the forefront of the second generation of what we refer to as mechanical broadheads. If you have used the first generation broadheads, the idea was good but the execution wasn’t all that great. The rubber band technology left something to be desired, and if you ever spent any time on the forest floor looking for these rubber bands then you knew that this was not going to last long. It was almost certain that somebody would build a better mousetrap soon. Well, there are now a few better mousetraps out there and leading the pack is the Meat Seeker.

What Makes it Better?


The improvement on the mechanical broadhead by Trophy Ridge really has to do with the piston hammer mechanism that is used on these new broadheads. As soon as the tip makes contact with the target, the piston cylinder quickly moves forward to deploy the blades. The blades are rear-facing until the tip hits the target. From the time the tip hits the target to the moment the blades strike the target the blades have been fully deployed and are locked in place. This gives the Meat Seeker a wide wound channel without losing any kinetic energy from the deployment of blades inside the animal. Instead, you get a wide, deep entry wound that will bleed out so well that anyone can follow the blood trail. We are talking about a two-inch wide wound channel. That is pretty effective.

The Meat Seeker also comes with a scallop-grooved tip and a rotating head. These minimize wind resistance and planing. The result is that you shoot with these tips and you feel like you are shooting with the field tips. The rotating tip helps to create a shot that goes right through the target, taking the path of least resistance around the bones.

The use of the piston hammer is incredibly effective. It deploys the backwards-facing blades without using cams or levers. They can fail but the piston hammer seems absolutely bullet-proof. Trophy Ridge guarantees 100% deployment of the blades and they would not do this unless they were pretty sure about it. The system simply does not fail, so you get excellent flight out of your broadheads and massive tissue damage as well. This system also keeps the broadhead blades from coming loose when they are in your quiver. There is only one place that they will deploy and that is right when they strike the target.

Materials in the Trophy Ridge broadheads are also top of the line. The blades, the shaft and the tip are all made of solid stainless steel that has been heat-treated for added strength. The blades are made with a non-barbed design that will release forward and make it easier to get your broadheads back once they have entered a target. If you want to get a broadhead that is durable, has excellent flight characteristics and works every time, I highly recommend giving the Meat Seekers a try. You will be glad you did.

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