Top 10 Most Remote Destinations In The World

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By Nia Peters

For those with a sense of adventure or just a desire to see some of the most remote places on earth, there any number of places to choose from.

Chumbe Island in Tanzania is a pristine nature reserve that can only be seen when accompanied one of the rangers from the park. Those who like to snorkel will delight in the shallow water snorkeling that is available for visitors. For divers there are reefs nearby that are also part of the park. Again, a guide is needed as this is a gazetted marine park. The coral reefs are still pristine and care must be taken to keep them that way.

Copper Canyon in Mexico winds its way through the Sierra Madre mountain range. This vast and remote region can be hiked using burros as well as horseback trips. Many people prefer to take the popular Copper Canyon train in order to see some of the most remote areas of this canyon. The train stops at many destinations along its route so that travelers can enjoy all the different areas and what they have to offer.

Easter Island in Chile is an adventure that still fascinates travelers. It’s located in the South Pacific and is a desolate island. It’s also a volcanic island which has produced lush fields set against clear blue skies. Most go to this island to see the stone monoliths but the islands offers many beautiful places to discover as well as other areas where ruins can be seen.


The Faroe Islands are part of Denmark and visitors will wonder at the glaciated landscapes. The islands are made up of mostly steep slopes and one will be hard pressed to find flat land. The people of the island are self governing and have their own language. The island is likened to a living museum dedicated to farming. Tourists will delight in the historic architecture. Although mild due to the Gulf Stream, tourists should expect to part of the life of the island no matter what the environment brings.

Tibet is a step back in time and is truly an enchanting adventure. With the Himalayas as a backdrop one can adventure into the Yarlun Valley and discover caves and temples dating back hundreds of years. One of the most popular sites is the Potala Palace that goes back to the 7th century AD. From mountain climbing to train travel this is a vast country to explore.

Male in the Maldives is a remote paradise of beautiful pristine beaches with warm turquoise water. Venture past the superficial and explore the culture of the country and the people. Off the beaten path there is a wonderful adventure waiting for those who want to experience the “real” island.

Bhutan is an undiscovered area high up in the Himalayas. It sits between China and India and a trip here is like going back in time. This country is rich in culture, with people still wearing traditional clothing every day. The architecture is charming and centuries old. Don’t expect to ever find a Starbucks or McDonalds in this delightful country.

Nepal is home to Mount Everest as well as 7 other of the world’s highest mountains. Well known for trekking and mountain climbing, this country also has a lot to offer the adventurous tourist. The capital Kathmandu is legendary, yet still maintains its cultural roots and provides a unique look at a rarely seen culture.

The country of Laos is one of the undeveloped and least visited countries that you can find. It has an astonishing beauty to it and warm and welcoming people. This is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and visitors can expect to see grand palaces and temples. Here you can discover the real Laos and its people. From the business world to small fishing villages this country is sure to delight any seasoned traveler.

One of the most remote places in the world is North Korea. Here you can learn about quotidian life as well as taking in the Mass Games. The people of North Korea are proud of their culture and their country and have a devotion to the late leader, Kim Il Sung that one never sees anywhere else. The people are warm and friendly to visitors and visitors can learn a whole other side of this country. It’s a wonderfully beautiful country with coastal areas as well as mountains.

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