Common Home Emergencies And Their First Aids

Common Home Emergencies and their First Aids


Brian Ayling

People get into different emergencies that are unexpected. One person can be walking happily on the street and one minute they get stabbed at the back. Some are happily grilling outside their homes when suddenly rushed to find a remedy for their scalds. A person eating happily chunks of meat can instantly loose consciousness. No matter how we try to prevent it, there will always be people that are victims of emergencies. As a layman, we should know how to act in these situations even in non-medical ways.

Burns- According to American Burn Association, burn causes percentage belongs mostly to fire and flame which 46%. Second in line is caused by scalds garnering a percentage of 32% and 8% belong to hot object contact. There are 3,500 deaths attributed to Burns cases. Therefore, people should know how to put out fire in cases that someone catches it. If you are in flame, follow the stop, drop and roll technique to put out the fire. If your friend is on flames, try to find a fire blanket (may be a cloth dampened with water) to cover the person and use it with the technique mentioned to put out the fire effectively. After which, you can call paramedics to assist you in bringing the victim to the hospital. In terms of scalds, run water over it. If there are skins burned, do not remove it. You can try covering it with dampened clean cloth and transport immediately to the hospital.


Choking- This problem is caused when eating too fast or if you swallow food in big portions. This can cause blockage to the throat, causing the victim to gasp for air. Universal sign of choking is a person holding his neck. If the person is able to cough, all you have to do is to give support while the person is coughing. However, if the person looses consciousness it is time to do the Heimlich maneuver.

Poisoning- This is one of the emergencies at home especially when you have kids. The first thing you need to do is to identify what caused the poisoning. You have to do this to know whether they are corrosive or not. If it is corrosive, you need to call for help because there are things for the victim to take to neutralize the ingested poison before it can be eliminated in the body. If it is not corrosive, you can try to induce vomiting if the victim is slightly awake.

Wounds- These happen when the skin breaks caused by sharp blunt or any object. It can induce bleeding that can be visible or not. If bleeding occurs visibly, the best way to tackle the problem is control the bleeding with pressure. If wound is small and manageable, wash it with soap and water; then put some antiseptic solution on it.

There are no special gadgets needed in first aid. You can make do with anything you have at home. Fire blankets may be just a dampened clean cloth. A way to control bleeding may be made out of any material that is clean and absorbent. When it comes to wounds, it is important to have a first aid kit at home. In case of poisoning, it can be prevented as simple as putting all substances that are toxic hidden in the right place.

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Common Home Emergencies and their First Aids