Consumer Reports Vacuum Choosing The Right Vacuum Cleaner

By John Velazco

Choosing the perfect vacuum cleaner is not an easy job even if basically they all work on the same principle. It’s often an excellent idea to read what leading consumer reports have to say about several product evaluations after thoroughly testing several popular vacuum cleaners. Consumer reports on vacuum cleaners can be extremely useful for helping people choose which particular vacuum cleaner to buy. The people who actually own the vacuum cleaner and use it repeatedly can give perfect information on how well it works, how robust it is, what problems there are with it, and so on.

Even if there might be contradictory opinion with regard to which vacuum cleaner is the best to purchase, there are some important concerns to remember when you are shopping for a new vacuum cleaner. The first concern being how long the product guarantee is since vacuum cleaners do break down. Therefore, an extended guarantee is an added advantage especially if you’re spending huge amount to buy an expensive model. A few cheap vacuum cleaners lose their pull fast once they frequently stop working. If it needs to be replaced often, it is not a good deal.


Next concern is the length of the hose. See if it is long enough to do those odd jobs like if you want to clean the staircases or cleaning the car and to get to the top of the curtains. See if it is has all the accessories required to do a comprehensive cleaning job like you will need crevice cleaners, dust brushes and smaller brush heads to do specific cleaning tasks. See if the roller brushes turn off while cleaning bare floors as fast rotating brush heads can scrape the face of hardwood flooring. Beater brushes help pull up wedged dirt however a few vacuums aren’t that capable. Vacuums with an edge cleaner allow you to get very close to object for a more comprehensive cleaning.

If you are opting for a bag type vacuum cleaner, ensure your neighboring vendor stores the brand and size you will require or else, you will need to arrange them through other means like mail which can be a big hassle. Vacuum cleaner bags come in huge variety reliant on the brand and model of the unit so ensure your neighboring vendor maintains the stock of dust bags for that particular model type. If you are not keen on the bag type vacuum cleaners, there are still some replacement costs involved like several vacuums have filters that have to be replaced occasionally. Expensive models might require expensive replacement filters as well. Therefore you will as well have to look into where these particular filters can be bought from.

There are basically two models of vacuum cleaners to choose from, canister and upright. Canister type vacuum cleaners work very good on hard floors and stairs; however efficiency differs significantly on carpet. Canisters are likely to be more expensive than an upright and are not as portable because of their huge size and weight and can be very cumbersome. For more information on various vacuum cleaner models just log on to the internet and go through consumer reports vacuum.

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