Cosmetic Surgery: Removing The Excess

Cosmetic Surgery: Removing the Excess



When people hear the term plastic surgery, they commonly associate it with facelift surgery. This comes as no surprise because facelifts, together with liposuction, are the most popular services in any surgery clinic today. These services promise patients attractive results i.e. a beautiful face and a slender body.

In general, cosmetic surgery is all about removing the excess in a person s body for a more youthful look. The following are explanations that will shed some light on the processes involved in facelift surgery and liposuction.

Facelift. As the term implies, a facelift is a surgical procedure that tones and lifts the face and neck to address loose or sagging skin, fine lines and wrinkles. The objective of the procedure is to visibly remove signs of aging and excess fat for a smoother, tighter look. Some people in their 60s reported that they looked half their age by just undergoing a facelift.


As you grow older, the skin will start to loosen up and sag, which explains the wrinkled appearance of most senior citizens. In a facelift procedure, the surgeon makes an incision and separates the skin from the deeper tissue. Some skin will be removed so the skin in the face will be stretched, thus removing any sagging or creases. Proper lifetime care of skin is necessary to prolong the effects of a

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cosmetic doctors and their colleagues perform.

Liposuction. This surgical procedure is concerned with the removal of excess local fat deposits in certain parts of the body. Advancements in surgery have created a variety of methods to effectively remove fat in the deeper tissues. In some instances, liposuction can take out the fat and relocate it to a different area where it is needed. Patients can achieve a slender look with the sort of

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surgeons provide.

Traditional liposuction involves extracting the excess fat manually with a special pump. By removing the excess fat, the area slims down considerably, resulting in a more slender and proportionate body. Modern liposuction methods involve laser treatments that dissolve fat, resulting in less pain and smaller incisions during extraction. To deal with the saggy skin that is a common offshoot of the procedure, patients can undergo

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operations and other body contouring procedures offered by their surgeons.

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