How To Heal Faster After An Eyelid Surgery

By Dr Ahnsup Kim

Our eyes communicate so much than we would allow, that is why it is more aptly called the ‘windows to our soul’. Every structure including the eyelids can communicate so much about you. It can either express tiredness or alertness, and sometimes due to aging or stress, our eyelids can betray our age or what we really feel. That is why eyelid surgery comes into the picture.

Eyelid surgery is a surgical cosmetic procedure which is aimed at improving the structure of the eyelids to create a more youthful and alert appearance. With a good work it can enhance the overall appearance of the eyes.

Since the surgical process is mainly up to the hands of the surgeon, it is your responsibility to keep a good aftercare regimen to ensure that you have a timely healing without any complications.

During the immediate hours after surgery, it is expected that you experience some degree of swelling. This is the normal reaction of the body to trauma, however if left unmanaged this can delay healing. To lessen the swelling, you have to lie inclined on bed instead of flat. By the action of gravity, the interstitial fluid will not pool in the surgical site.


You can also perform gentle eye exercises to help drain out or displace the swelling. You can perform 20 hard blinks twice daily, one in the morning and another set at night. You have to continue this up until the stitches come off. This will also help strengthen the upper and lower eyelids.

Another exercise that you can do is to gently and carefully lift the lower lid, then look up and hold it for ten seconds. You can do this 6 times daily to promote better eyelid strength.

You can also continue applying cold compress to the area, to relieve the swelling and bruising. Along with it, you should also put on eye drops prescribed by the surgeon to keep your eyes lubricated, because around this time they can have the tendency to dry up.

It is also important to avoid activities that can be particularly stressful or straining to the eyes. This includes activities such as reading, watching TV, facing the computer, and wearing contact lenses. You should even wear dark sunglasses at all times to ensure that your eyelids are safe from dust, heat and other factors which can cause infection or delay healing.

Although we have mentioned of eye exercises earlier, you must take note that you should not perform any strenuous exercises. This includes bending, lifting, sports, and even crying. Aside from risking your lids from any injury, it can also make it vulnerable to bleeding which impairs the healing process.

The recovery process for eye lid surgery is naturally going to take weeks, but you can lessen this by making sure that you follow the surgeon’s post-operative instructions right to the dot. Protect your lids properly and do not subject it to any undue stress. Remember to always perform eye lid surgery exercises to improve the overall appearance of the eyes and of course to let it heal more quickly.

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