Weight Loss Surgery When Medications Fail

Submitted by: Ron McCluskey

Most people are successful with the basic formula of dieting and exercise. A smaller number need the addition of medication. A small percentage fail in all of those methods. So the big question is what should those who are overweight do to get back to an acceptable weight?

Unfortunately, there is no easy answer. Those who have failed exercise, dieting and weight loss medication have a big problem to overcome. They most likely have problems exercising because of their weight or other health problems. Depression is often an issue because of failing weight loss programs. Medications either have too many side effects or just are not working.

There is one more possibility. Even though it might sound like the easiest answer, it really is a last resort. That one last answer is weight loss surgery.


Band surgery is a relatively new innovation. Band weight loss surgery has several advantages over other types of weight loss surgery.

Band surgery does not actually involve cutting any internal organs. The band usually can be placed with a laparoscopic surgery.The laparoscopic band surgery results in a small pocket at the top of the stomach.

The end result of the laparoscopic band surgery is that you feel full after eating a small amount. It is even possible to place a band that is adjustable so that you can vary the size of the pocket and opening.

If your doctor is considering this type of surgery for you, you will be screened for your ability to undergo surgery safely. As with any medical procedure or medication, the risks are weighed against the reward. If you have very poor health, you could actually die during a surgery. Obviously nobody wants that! So, you may need some time for your doctor to help you get in shape to undergo the surgery.

After undergoing band weight loss surgery, you may need to stay in the hospital for a few days to recover. During this time, you will be trained how to use your new stomach. You will need to eat the right type of food to keep your body supplied with enough vitamins and minerals while decreasing your calorie intake.

Results of band surgery usually cause a lower weight loss in the first year compared to gastric bypass surgery. There is one final bit of good news for band weight loss surgery though. You will continue to lose weight after the first year and your final weight and body function will be closer to normal that with other procedures.

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