Use Your Mind To Get A Desirable Bodyshape

By Chris Chew

Many of you probably know about Napoleon Hill’s runaway bestseller “Think And Grow Rich”. However, the mind principles in the book are not only applicable to the subject of wealth, but are also applicable to everything else in life, such as getting a desirable bodyshape.

So can you just think and get the body shape you have always dreamed of? Of course you can.

Let me elaborate. You see, most of us have our own mindsets developed from life experiences and although some of these mindsets served us well at some point in time, many of them are now obsolete and might even be damaging to you. If you think that I am being audaciously ridiculous by suggesting that, then let me ask you a few questions.

a) Do you believe that no matter how hard you try to lose weight, you just can’t keep the weight off?

b) Do you believe that your body shape is determined by your genetic makeup and thus you can’t do anything to change it?

c) Do you believe that you just do not have the discipline and commitment to get the body shape you want?


d) Do you believe that you are the skinny type and will never be able to gain weight?

If you say YES to any of these questions, then you know what? Then you are right and your bodyshape will stay the same and nothing will change. This is because nothing is going to change if you don’t change your thinking.

If you harbor these negative mindsets, chances are that you will not be doing anything to change your body shape. Albert Einstein and Benjamin Franklin once said the same thing, “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, but expecting different results”.

These negative beliefs are the reasons holding you back from achieving the level of fitness and the desirable body shape. At this point, you may also like to think about other negative beliefs you may have in other aspects of your life and learn how to replace negative beliefs with positive ones.

You see no matter how much you may want something, if you have underlying contradictory beliefs about the subject matter of what you want, you will just be sabotaging yourself.

If you believe “dieting” means having to starve yourself or going to gym workout is too much of a hassle, then it will be ridiculous to think that you can get the body shape you desire isn’t it?

Then how did we develop our negative mindsets and thoughts? You see, as we grow up and experienced life, we encounter people, places, things and experiences and we collect information about them through our senses which is then stored in our subconscious mind.

Our subconscious mind is a vast databank of which you refer to every time you consciously think about something so you will know what to “feel” about it and how to react to it.

For example as a child, you may have been bitten by a dog and now, you break out into cold sweat every time you see a dog although the chances of getting bitten by a dog again are almost zero. This is because when you see a dog now, you instinctively access all of your beliefs about dogs which in turn cause you to behave in a certain way towards the animal. The beliefs we have stored in our subconscious mind dictate what how we think which in turn affect what we say and do.

To prove to you that your beliefs drive your life, let us take a look at another example. Do you remember that when you where a kid you probably believed in Santa Claus. There was no way for you that Santa did not exist, because after all, when you wake up on Christmas day, all your presents are in your stocking or under the Christmas tree. That was all the evidence you needed to proof that Santa exist.

As you grew older, new evidence presented itself until those beliefs where replaced with new ones and these new beliefs are now your reality. Your belief system has changed. However, have they changed for the better? Well, some of them yes, and many like those questions I asked earlier about your body shape don’t.

The point is if you really desire to have a desirable bodyshape but is having difficulty acquiring it, then you have start identifying your underlying beliefs and change them if need be.

This could be difficult because many of your limiting beliefs are so ingrained that you don’t even know they exist. There are a few ways you can do this such as by using positive affirmations, meditations and visualization. However from my experience, the easiest and most effective way to get identify and get rid of these negative beliefs is through self hypnosis.

Remember the wise saying “Change your thoughts and change your life”? Therefore, if you want to get that desirable body shape, then start identifying your negative beliefs and replace them with new positive ones into your subconscious mind and soon, your life will change for the better. Your mind is indeed very powerful!

About the Author: Chris Chew is a fitness personal trainer and author of “Burn Fat Build Muscles Fast”. More of his articles at his sites at

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